The Centennial Cycling Club


Want more information about the  ride? Call:

Gary Cere: 678-0928, Gary or Jennie Bustin: 542-9121, Ralph 542-1423


Weekly Email List

Once a week, a lively email lets list members know more details of the upcoming ride, and other related cycling information. If you would like to be put on this mailing list email Sandy MacKinnon, . Email addresses on this list are not shared, and only the moderator can post to it.

Centennial Cycling Club discussion Email List

This list provides a forum for announcements, comments, car-pooling  and unscheduled cycling ride invitations, and the sale of cycling gear and bikes. All members can post to this list.

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Cycling etiquette in the Centennial club

Please contact John, or Gary Bustin,

Driving Directions to regular Meeting places

  1. Just Us, Wolfville
  2. Cafe Central, Kentville

the road awaits