The Centennial Cycling Club

Saturday rides

The Saturday cycle rides start at 10 am and continues till mid or late afternoon.  There is always a stop for leisurely lunch, normally in a restaurant or pub.  The rides vary in difficulty and start the season with a gentle 40 km or so and then progress to 60-90 km.  See the calendar for Saturday outings.

Further details of each ride are given in the club newsletter  click here for more info on joining.

The club rarely cancels events. Any change in plans will be posted on the Centennial Cycling Club discussion Email List

Thursday night rides

The Thursday evening rides start at 6:30 pm. These rides are 20 to 30 km over scenic, relatively flat, quiet roads. Cycling is at a relaxed pace with numerous rest stops, making the occasion suitable for novices. 

Further details of each ride are given in the club newsletter click here for more info on joining Any change in plans will be posted on the Centennial Cycling Club discussion Email List. 

Cycling guidelines

Learn safety

Although Centennial is a low-key and informal Cycling Club, safety is treated as a very serious subject.
Centennial Cycling Club does not attempt to provide a comprehensive list of rules/guidelines for safe cycling, as these are available elsewhere.  For example:

Please take the time to read and think about the content of these excellent safety-cycling etiquette sites.
Members are also encouraged to attend safety courses such as those operated by Can-Bike.

Cycling Etiquette and Centennial

Each cycling club operates in a different way.  The following guidelines emphasize some of the traditions surrounding cycling etiquette that operate during our events:
1.     We support and assist each other during rides, although each person is ultimately responsible for their own equipment and actions.
2.      We give clear directions to fellow riders by pointing out road hazards and informing others of overtaking traffic by using terms like `car back', `car up', `pot hole', `on your left' (overtaking).
3.      At rest stops we make sure all bikes and people are fully off the road and not obstructing the path of or vision of other road users.  We do not take rest stops in the immediate vicinity of intersections. Each group spends sufficient time at rest stops to allow everyone in the group to recover since a tired rider is more prone to making mistakes.
4.      We share the road.  We understand that overtaking large groups of cyclists can give significant difficulties and frustrations to motorists.  Thus we pay attention the number of cyclists in any group and whether the group is affecting traffic flow.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments about cycling etiquette in the Centennial club please contact John at or Gary  at

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