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Tour Payment Policies.

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General Payment Information

Our fees are quoted on a per person basis in Canadian dollars. For tours with all indoor stays fees are based on double occupancy. Canadian goods and services tax (GST or HST) is in addition to the rates indicated. They are subject to change without notice. To reserve a spot on one of our events we will require a deposit as outlined below. Included below is information on deposits, single supplements, method of payments and a summary of some policies.


Cycle Canada recommends that participants obtain travel, medical, cancellation and personal property insurance.

For current total event fees please visit : Fees For All Supported Tours.

*Final Payment Due Date is number of days before event start date unless otherwise indicated.

Deposits, Single Supplements and Due Dates:

2016 Event Deposit Single Supplement *Final Payment Due Date
Cross Canada Tours (West to East)
Tour du Canada (initial, upon registration) $600.00 N/A  
Tour du Canada (second installment due February 1, 2016) $1000.00   March 15, 2016
Tour TransCanada (2017) TBA    
All Events
Tour Pacific $400.00 $175.00 45 Days
Icefields Parkway $400.00 $175.00 45 Days
Tour Arctic $1000.00 $450.00 45 Days
Haida Gwaii $400.00 $375.00 45 Days
Rocky Mountains Loop $400.00 $225.00 45 Days
Tour Atlantic TBA TBA  
Cabot Trail TBA TBA  
Discover Your Routes Tours (Trips with all indoor stays)
Simcoe Circle $250.00 $325.00 45 Days
The By-Cycle Ride $300.00 $425.00 45 Days
Voyageur Route $300.00 $425.00 45 Days
The Great Spirit Ride $300.00 $425.00 45 Days
The BiQue Ride $300.00 $425.00 45 Days
Tour Vert $300.00 $425.00 45 Days
P'tit Train du Nord $300.00 $425.00 45 Days
Niagara Vineyards $300.00 $425.00 45 Days
Erie Shores $300.00 $425.00 45 Days
Cycle Canada Century Ride Full Payment Call When registering
Timed Events
Tour du Canada Time Trial Full Payment N/A When registering
Special provisions apply to Tour du Canada.

Please refer to the Tour du Canada policy. For Tour du Canada there is also non-refundable registration fee. This fee is required when submitting a registration application. For Tour du Canada we do not process the balance of the deposit until we recieve a set of completed forms which are delivered to you when you submit your application. The reason behind this process is that we want to be sure that all riders understand and can agree to our policies and practices. This process does not include a judgement on the organizers part as to whether a rider is capable of doing the trip. That decision is one that each rider must make on his or her own.

Single Supplement Note

Single supplement amount should be included in the deposit. Single accommodation is available for an additional fee. Where fees are based on double accommodation, we reserve the right to put three to a room if we have an odd number of either gender. We may need to have mixed gender room arrangements in university, hostel or ferry cabin accommodations. We try to match solo riders with someone of the same gender. If we are unable to find you a partner, or if the partner cancels, we will need to assess a single supplement. For all accommodation types, washroom facilities may be shared. On Tour Pacific, Tour Arctic and Haida Gwaii some nights are in hostels or on vessels with dormitory accommodation and it may be necessary to accommodate mixed genders in the same dormitory.

Method of Payment

The method of payment for your deposit and final payment should be the same. For Cycle Canada events, we accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, C$ cheque, money order, Interac e-Transfer or wire transfer. See Cycle Canada methods of payment for more information. See Tour du Canada methods of payment for information specific to that event.


We can accept payment in non-Canadian currencies by cheque or money order - we will advise you of the exchange rate at the time. For credit card payments the amount charged is the Canadian fee and your bank does the conversion. We accept Canadian dollar cheques up to 10 days before an event starts.  Late payments must be by cash, money order or credit card. Credit cards payments are in Canadian funds (your bank does the foreign exchange)

This policy applies to Cycle Canada Events. For Tour du Canada, see the statement of policies specific to that event.


For further details on practices and policies that apply to Cycle Canada Events, see the statement of Cycle Canada Policies. Tour du Canada has policies specific to that event. For further details on Tour du Canada practices and policies see the statement of Tour du Canada policies. Each of those policy statements includes cancellation policies.

Effective Date

These policies are in effect from November 1, 2015 and are applicable to 2016 events. CycleCanada reserves the right to amend these policies at any time and without notice.

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