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We wish you a happy and safe holiday season and have some news to help you plan your next cycling trip. In 2017 Canada commemorates its 150th birthday. Join the party and celebrate in style by going for a bike ride in Canada 

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150 years of Canada

We love discovering Canada by bicycle but especially so in 2017, a year to share the fun with other cyclists. On July 1 Tour du Canada has a rest day in Golden B.C. Tour Pacific rolls into Mission, B.C. on that milestone day. The By-Cycle Ride starts in Toronto and gets to Ottawa in plenty of time for the big birthday bash on Parliament Hill. Plan early and turn Canada Day into Canada Summer!


Tour Gaspe, Perce

New! MonteVelo and Tour Gaspé

For 2017 we have two new events — MonteVelo and Tour Gaspé. MonteVelo starts with time to enjoy a Sunday Bikeday in Ottawa and then travels at a leisurely pace to Montreal. Along the way we visit Montebello, site of the world's biggest log cabin. Tour Gaspé, a more challenging trip, circles the Gaspé Peninsula, from Quebec City to Campbellton and returning to Quebec City by train. It's a journey of spectacular vistas along the Gulf of St. Lawrence.


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200 Years of Bicycles

The invention of the wheel goes back a long way but the origin of what we know as a bicycle starts with Karl von Drais of Karlsruhe, Germany, an early physicist and mathematician who created a wheeled machine in 1817 called a "swift-walker." It has been a long journey from there. Contemporary inventors, artisans and tinkerers continue to expand the universe of human-powered travel. Cycle Canada has been organizing affordable supported cycling expeditions and vacations throughout Canada since 1987. We encourage participants in our events to ride at their own pace with the goal of completing their tour by bicycle. We believe participants will enjoy a cycling trip more in groups where they share the pleasure of traveling as cycle tourists. Read more about Cycle Canada here: About Us

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Meeting the Challenge

Some of our trips are more challenging than others and our goal is to offer a range of trips from leisurely rides to what we call expedition–style tours. We have trips with difficult terrain where accommodation is indoors and we have camping trips that enhance the challenge level:

  • Tour Arctic — Whitehorse to Inuvik, Indoors on most rest days.
  • Tour du Canada   — Vancouver to St. John's (co-operative and super affordable!)

For more detail on the challenge levels for all of our trips please go to: Rating the Rides.


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