Cycle Canada Rides 2016

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What's New in 2016:   Great Spirit Ride and Erie Shores Route

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The Great Spirit Ride . . .

A one week cycling vacation around Manitoulin Island. Islands around the world have been special places in indigenous cultures. They seem to be places that foster a spiritual awareness. Picture the giant statues on Easter Island and the Golden Spruce on Haida Gwaii. To the native people who have lived on Manitoulin for millennia it is the Island of the Great Spirit. Read more here: Great Spirit Ride. top

Erie Shores

New! Erie Shores Loop . . .

For 2016 we have changed the schedule for Erie Shores. We'll now start and end our ride Windsor, Ontario. Cyclists will travel the shores of Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair, as well as the Thames and Detroit Rivers. It's mostly a farm district with quiet country roads on an old alluvial plain that is very flat. The biggest hills in Essex County are the freeway overpasses. Learn more: Erie Shores Loop. top

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About Cycle Canada . . .

Cycle Canada has been organizing affordable supported cycling expeditions and vacations throughout Canada since 1987. Our primary focus is to offer an enjoyable cycling experience. We encourage participants in our events to ride at their own pace and to join us with the goal of completing their tour by bicycle. We believe participants will enjoy a cycling trip more in groups where they get to know other riders and share the pleasure of travelling as cycle tourists. Read more about the management of Cycle Canada here: About Us top


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