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February 14, 2005 Auckland New Zealand
Naked cyclists treat motorists to "21-bum" salute . . . (more)
January, 2005.
Beijing. China
Winter Scene Associated Press photo as published on BBC website. (more)
and . . . more Beijing
April 2 , 2005 Winner of Tour du Canada cup announced . . . (more)
February 22, 2005
The Great Canadian Cycling Adventure . . . (more)
January 10 , 2005 Toronto Bike Show Dates. . . (more)
January 2005. Nominations are now being accepted for the 2005 Broken Spoke Award


Nominations for 2005 Broken Spoke award are now being accepted.

The Broken Spoke Award™ is an annual award given to a public servant, politician, corporate official, departments or agencies of government or a corporation, for demonstrating an exceptional lack of understanding towards the cycling community. This is an international award and any cyclist can nominate a candidate. Please e-mail your nomination to: 2005 Broken Spoke Award

Last year's winner was Ontario's Premier Dalton McGuinty. In October of 2004 the Premier announced $5 million annual funding for Active 2010 "to increase participation in sport and physical activity throughout Ontario". By January 2005 the program is promoting a contest and the prize is . . . you guessed it....

To see the press release go here: "InActive 2010"

You can share your thoughts about our choice for this award by writing: Congratulations Premier McGuinty!

Canadian symbol for travellers gets spell check.

In 2004 Cycle Canada launched the latest in its line of Canadian themed cycling jerseys - the Inukshuk jersey. Since then, the spelling of the word generated almost as much interest as the jersey itself. So we asked Bud Jorgensen why he decided to use Inukshuk instead of Inuksuk. Here's his Reply

Aunt Mary
Discovering Canadian Roots
by Maureen Molle. . . (more)
Road Works
Touring Bike

Craig's Beginners Guide to Preparing For a Cycling Trip: (more)


Rumble Strip Sign

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