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Funding, Donations, Sponsorship and Advertising


Tour du Canada Bursary Fund

Cycle Canada is the sponsor of the Tour du Canada Bursary Fund which provides funds to help young people participate in the cross-country bicycle tour — Tour du Canada. We welcome contributors to this fund.

To learn more about the Tour du Canada Bursary Fund, to make a contribution or apply for a Bursary please visit: Tour du Canada Bursary Fund

Other Sponsorship Work

Cycle Canada is selective in its choice of projects to support corporately. We manage the affairs of Tour du Canada, the club. Time and funds that we donate to Tour du Canada and other cycling clubs constitute the significant share of our corporate support activitites. We support the sponsorship policy adopted by the Board of Tour du Canada.

We receive support and friendship from members of local communities across the country, particulary for Tour du Canada. We appreciate this greatly and always strive to conduct ourselves in a similar manner.

Cycle Canada may from time to time sponsor other projects that are consistent with furthering its corporate goals as a commercial tour operator and the operator of Canada's premier cycling website portal.

If you represent a cycling club and want a free text listing on our CycleCanada Directory or you wish to have us host your club's web site for free, please e-mail us at: We also provide free text listings on our Directory to any bicycle shop in Canada. We operate which promotes cycling friendly services across Canada.

Anyone not affiliated with a club who wishes to investigate receiving support from Cycle Canada should complete and submit the form that you find at: Sponsorship.


Fundraising while riding across Canada

If you are interested in raising money in association with a cross-Canada ride you may wish to consider participating in: Tour TransCanada

We receive many requests for sponsorship and support. We appreciate your interest but we must caution any applicant that acceptance of the above-mentioned form does not imply a promise on our part that your project will receive our support.

For further information on our policies about sponsorship, donations and partnerships please visit these web pages: Policies and Legal. Please contact us if you require clarification.

Advertising with Cycle Canada

Advertising Rates

We offer a select number of advertising opportunities on our web sites. Our Directory of Services to Cyclists Area is one of our most important areas. It includes an extensive range of listings of clubs, shops, groups, bike friendly accommodation and other significant sources of information.

A high percentage of our readership will refer to this site when they have questions regarding cycling in Canada. One of the most useful tools in that area is

Please note:Tour du Canada has a policy prohibiting the use of the name Tour du Canada with any organization, not-for profit or otherwise, therefore there are no advertising opportunities for Tour du Canada or on the Tour du Canada web site.

Our rates for ads on our Directory, per insertion, per month with a minimum of 12 months in Canadian dollars (plus G.S.T.) are as follows:

  • Canadian Non-Profit Cycling- Clubs, Canadian Advocacy or Events (excluding Fundraising Events). Canadian Bike Shops: text ads, no charge, we request a reciprocal link
  • Cycling Tour Operators and any other advertiser: Please contact us for text ads. For graphic images $300.00 per month.
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