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Tour Dates (2016 unless marked) Comments Availability
Vacation and Leisurely P'tit Train July 30 — Aug. 5 Ottawa Loop Availability
Tour Vert August 7 — 12 Montreal to Quebec Full
Erie Shores Aug. 21 — Aug. 26 Windsor Loop Availability
Niagara Vineyards (August) Aug. 28 — Sept. 2 Hamilton to Niagara Falls Full
Expedition and Cross Canada
Tour Arctic June 29 — Aug. 1 Vancouver to Inuvik Event Underway
Dempster Highway July 19 — Aug. 1 Whitehorse to Inuvik Event Underway
Tour Pacific July 31 — Aug. 15, Vancouver to Calgary Limited Availability
Icefields Parkway August 6 — 15 Kamloops to Calgary Limited Availability
Rocky Mountain August 18 — Aug. 30 Calgary Loop Availability
Tour du Canada June 22 —to Sept. 2 Vancouver to St. John's Event Underway
Completed Events for 2016, please join us in 2017. Dates Comments Availability
Two Day and Race
Cycle Canada Century Ride May 27 — 28, 2017 Toronto Barrie Toronto Event completed. Join us in 2017
Tour du Canada Time Trial June 4, 2017 Alliston Event completed. Join us in 2017
Vacation and Leisurely
GreatSpiritRide TBA Tobermory to South Baymouth Event completed. Join us in 2017
Niagara Vineyards (June) TBA Hamilton to Niagara Falls Event completed. Join us in 2017
By-CycleRide June 26 — July 1 or 2, 2017 Toronto to Ottawa Event completed. Join us in 2017
Haida Gwaii TBA Vancouver to Haida Gwaii Event completed. Join us in 2017
Voyageur Route TBA Ottawa to Quebec City Event completed. Join us in 2017
The BiQue Ride July 17 — 23 Toronto to Montreal Event completed. Join us in 2017
Simcoe Circle TBA Around Lake Simcoe Join us in 2017

We know that our customers need time to plan and also to understand the challenge involved in our tours. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you have about our tours before you register. We'll do our best to answer them and also let you know if there is further information about availability.

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