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Canol Road

Macmillan Pass to Johnson's Crossing

Canol Road Map
  • Canol Road Map

    Canol Road

    Canol Road is a nine day tour.

    Cyclists travel along the Canol Road through wilderness areas of Canada's Yukon Territory.

  • South Canol Road with cyclist

    Macmillan Pass to Johnson's Crossing

    Our ride includes both the South and North Canol Roads with a short trek onto the Canol Heritage Trail.

  • The Canol Road - Bridge over Lapie River

    Seven Days of Cycling

    Unpaved tracks in wilderness settings

    A complete outdoor experience with back-country camping deep in the Canadian wilderness.

  • Canol Road pipeline construction truck

    Canadian Oil

    The Canol Road was built during World War II as an access road for the construction of a pipeline to aid in the allied war effort. The pipeline was only used for three years before it was decommissioned.

  • Canol Road

    The Road Remains

    The road remains and is maintained by the Yukon government, the south more so than the north, and riders will have a variety of riding experiences.

  • South Canol Road with cyclist

    Macmillan Pass to Johnson's Crossing

    The tracks are unpaved and suitable for mountain bikes or cyclo-cross bikes.

  • South Canol Road with cyclist

    A complete wilderness experience.

    A complete outdoor experience with back-country camping deep in the Canadian wilderness supported by trained Canadian wilderness guides..

  • South Canol Road with cyclist

    Unique Opportunity

    For adventurers on wheels this presents a unique opportunity to explore wilderness areas. in Canada's north.

  • South Canol Road with cyclist

    Opportunities to see Canada's wildlife

    There will be opportunities to spot wildlife or fish for dinner - but we will cater to vegetarians!

  • Canol Road

    Supported by Cycle Canada and our partner

    Cycle Canada's partner Cabin Fever Adventure provides wilderness support.

    Support services include a vehicle to carry your gear, staff to prepare meals and on-road support.

  • The Canol Road

    Being part of a group provides individuals with the confidence and resources to meet their goals and makes possible a trip that many would not contemplate on their own.

    Bud Jorgensen,
    Founder, Tour du Canada
  • Canol Road is an annual bike ride starting at Macmillan Pass and traveling to Johnson's Crossing in the southern Yukon.

    This ride is part of Cycle Canada's "Wilderness Routes" series of events. Affordable, supported cycling vacations where participants explore wilderness regions of Canada.

    Discover Canada at a human scale, by bicycle. You can contact us at: Cycle Canada

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  • Cycle Canada Advantage

2016 Will Be the second annual ride Along The Yukon's Famous Canol Road.

Eight days of cycling with ten nights of accommodation.

Canol Road is a ten day trip. On the Canol Road we head south from Macmillan Pass at the N.W.T. border and ride to Johnson's Crossing in the Yukon. A shuttle to and from Whitehorse is included in the package fee. It is a full wilderness experience.

Origins of the Canol Road

Canol is a contraction of Canadian Oil. The Canol Road was built as an access road during World War II to support construction of an oil pipeline from Norman Wells, N.W.T. Although entirely within Canada, it was constructed by the U.S. military. The pipeline was decommissioned after only three years but the road remains as a rare and unique opportunity to travel deep into the northern wilderness of Canada. The Canol is not paved and road condition varies. Mountain bikes or cyclo-cross bikes are recommended. The track generally follows waterways and trails established centuries earlier by First Nations people. To learn more about the history of the Canol Road visit: Alaska Highway Canol Archives.

Licenced Wilderness Guides

Canol Road will be supported by our licenced wilderness partner, Cabin Fever Adventures.

Meet in Whitehorse for the start of the ride

Riders for Canol Road meet in Whitehorse. The following day, a travel day will also be the Orientation Day.

The group will be shuttled to the start of the ride at Macmillan Pass at the Yukon/N.W.T. border.

Eight Days of Riding.

At Macmillan Pass, participants will have a opportunity to do an out-and-back on the Canol Heritage Trail, a section of the track in the Northwest Territories that is no longer maintained. From there we'll head south and it's three days of riding on the North Canol Road to Ross River. We'll be camping in wilderness areas on these nights. One day is a half day and there will be opportunities to hike. We'll then continue on the South Canol Road to Johnson's Crossing for three more days of wilderness riding. We'll have a farewell dinner before the final night's hotel stay in Whitehorse.

Please note that due to the wilderness nature of this tour it is more likley that the schedule will need to be adjusted subject to various weather, road, ferry or wildlife conditions.

Included in Your Canol Road Package:

On the Canol Road we stay indoors at hotels but it's mainly camping in wilderness settings.

  • Trip preparation guide, including training trips, route and routine overview.
  • Trip orientation on the evening before first day of event.
Meals and Accommodation
  • Pre-booked accommodation for indoor stays.
  • Double accommodation. Single supplement available.
  • Wilderness support staff to drive support vehicle, prepare meals, set up camp and transport rider gear.
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners on riding days except for dinner on the first night in Whitehorse and dinner on the night at Ross River.
  • Group restaurant dinner and hotel accommodation on the final night of the trip.
  • Fruit and snacks will be available to take with you on riding days.
Route Support
  • Daily maps and route instructions. Head office toll-free telephone and Skype assistance. Guides have satellite phone.
  • CycleCanada water bottle
  • Full tool kit and work stand on support vehicle.
  • Shuttle from Whitehorse to the start of the ride, and return shuttle to Whitehorse at the end of the ride.

Join us for the Canol Road Ride!

Please check availability on our tours before registering.
  • Whitehorse, Yukon to Ross River (shuttle return to Whitehorse)
  • Dates: TBA
  • Fee: TBA
  • Single Supplement: TBA
  • Deposit: TBA

Fees are per person in Canadian funds. Fees are subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST, 5%). Non-residents of Canada are eligible for a 50% rebate of GST/HST due and Cycle Canada is authorized to issue that rebate on behalf of a non-resident participant.

We recommend that riders obtain travel, medical and personal insurance. Please read our policy statement for Cycle Canada events: Policies

You'll find information on other great cycling tours in Canada here: Cycle Canada Events.

What to Bring on the Canol Road:

A Bike and Enthusiasm
  • A bike in good working order, a flexible attitude and enthusiasm! A mountain bike or cyclo-cross bike is recommend.
  • Canol Road is an unpaved roads which can be very rough at times.
  • For camping nights, a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and a pillow. (We have tents, mats and sleeping bags that you can rent).
  • Mess kit (cup, plate, bowl, eating utensils). Participants bring mess kits and are responsible for washing their own kits. Participants may be asked to assist with some camp duties.
  • On the camping nights there will be no showers or flush toilets. There will be opportunities to wash in camp and there will be a field toilet.
Personal Items
  • Hiking Shoes or boots for an optional half day hike.
  • Don't forget a tool kit, just in case you have a flat or other minor mechanical problem. If your bike has unique and difficult-to-find parts, you may wish to bring spare parts – please check with us.
  • A spare tire that fits your bike.
  • A helmet, water bottles, sunscreen, insect repellent and a rain gear in case of inclement weather.
  • Personal items such as camera, identification, cycling and aprés cycling clothes.
  • Riders need to plan for a variety of weather conditions. The trip is in late summer and bugs will be minimal. But it can be cool at that time of year in the Yukon, particularly in the evening. Be sure to bring layers to supplement your bedroll.
Luggage and Bike Boxes
  • Cycle Canada has no official limit on transporting your daily luggage, but please pack cautiously. Contact us if you are not sure.
  • For camping stays, we aim to have tenting sites close to the truck but this is not always possible. So, keep in mind that you may need to carry your bags at times.
  • One area where we do have constraints is taking hardshell bike cases. Since this is a loop out of Whitehorse you may leave your case there for the end of your tour but we don't travel with them during the tour.

Proudly Canadian

Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation is a Canadian company that organizes cycling activities. It is owned by Bud & Margot Jorgensen. Bud is a long-time recreational cyclist and founder of Tour du Canada. Our operations are located in Alliston, Ontario, just north of Toronto.

We have been organizing affordable supported cycling expeditions and vacations throughout Canada since 1987.

Cycling in Canada

We believe that Canada is the best place in the world to go for a bike ride.

Our primary focus is to offer an enjoyable cycling experience. We encourage participants in our events to ride at their own pace and to join us with the goal of completing their tour by bicycle. We believe they will enjoy a cycling trip more in groups where they get to know other riders and share the pleasure of travelling as cycle tourists.

Read more about the management of Cycle Canada here: About Us.

Our Pledge to You

Participants in our events have a right to expect that Cycle Canada, as organizers, and its staff will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that riders complete their ride and are enriched by the cycling experience. We hope that each rider will find companionship in, and be tolerant of other members of the group and help to make the trip a memorable and positive experience for all riders.

It's in Canada and a great day to go for a bike ride!

Tour Quick Facts

Canol Road

  • Total days — 9
  • Riding days — 8
  • Total distance by bike 510 km (315 mi.)
  • Daily average — 73 km (45 mi.)


  • 2 nights indoor accommodation at motels, 8 nights camping in minimal service or wilderness campgrounds


  • 9 breakfasts
  • 9 dinner
  • Make your own lunch
  • Fruit and snacks on riding days
  • Shuttle to start and end of to Whitehorse.
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