The Crossing

The Crossing
is a coast to coast bicycle ride across North America. Solo and two-member teams complete the entire distance of 6,521 km (4,025 miles). Participants are timed. The current record for a solo rider was set in 2006 by Belgian rider Geert de Cock. Geert's time was 202 hours and 17 minutes for an average speed of 32.42 kilometres per hour (20.14 miles per hour).

The dates for The Crossing in 2008 are July 12 to August 24. Applications can be submitted now: The Crossing Registration Package

The Crossing consists of six stages, each with six days of riding. The average daily distance is 182 km (112miles). The event leads off with a prologue, the Tour du Canada Time Trial, a race against the clock. Rider start and finish times are recorded each day. Riders can enter The Crossing as solo or a two-person team, either as a same-gender team or a mixed team. Teams can also participate with a different rider on each segment.

The Crossing is routed on paved public roads. At all times during the event riders should expect to share the roads with motorized and non-motorized vehicles and must obey the traffic rules applicable to the region of travel.

This uniquely challenging event is organized by Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation. The organizer is an innovator in creating cycling events in Canada, conducting cross Canada cycling events since 1988.



2006 Results: Final


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