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Below is a secure service for making a donation to the Tour du Canada Bursary Fund. You can learn about the Bursary Fund here: Bursary Fund. On-line payments can only be processed in Canadian funds. For donations by cheque, money order or other currencies please use our pdf form which is located here: Mail or Fax Donation Forms.

There are two types of donations. A General Donation to the fund and a Dedicated Donation. You can make either or both using this form.

General Donations:

Donations to the general fund will be used to award bursaries to any elegible applicant. Evaluation of applications for these awards is made by the Board of Directors of Tour du Canada. Currently the maximum bursary is $2500.00. These funds are all provided by members of Tour du Canada and its friends and family members.

Dedicated Donations:

Donations to the dedicated fund will be in addition to any funds awarded through the general Bursary Fund. Please note in order to accept a dedicated donation the proposed recipient must be confirmed on the tour and must have been approved as a recipient of a Bursary. We will not process dedicated donations until such time as this person's participation is confirmed. Amounts of Dedicated Donations will not be publicized, nor the name of the recipient. Only the name of the Donor.

1General Donation Amount and Instructions
2Dedicated Donation Amount and Instructions

*Please note — for dedicated donations the proposed recipient's name will not be publicized You can see past results here: Bursary Donations

4Donor Information

If paying by credit card please enter your credit card information here. If paying by cheque, interac or wire transfer please proceed to Step 6

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Please note by submitting this form your credit card will not be automatically charged. Please contact us within 24 hours if you change your mind about registering for one of our tours.