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wdi We do it for you - wdi. By filing out this form you send listing information to We then input your information into the database. You won't need to create a username and one of those pesky passwords. If you prefer to manage your own listing by obtaining a username, please use this form: VeloHospitality sign up and you can set up your own lisitng.

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*Until May 30, 2020 all listings are $0.00 for a 90 day period. Education, Cycling Clubs and Bike Rental Shops are always complimentary. After that there is a one time introductory fee of $25.00 is available to qualified services (Accommodation, Transportation, Cafes and Bike Shops) that register before December 31, 2020. The regular fee for those services is $25.00 per annum. For those listing under this promotion there will be no further charges unless you opt for enhanced listings. We reserve the right to end this promotion prior to that date in the event of over-subscription.

*Enhanced Listings appear on the front page on a rotating basis, on top of search results and on a rotating basis on pages with sidebars. They are highlighted with a bright purple button that says "featured".

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The goal of is to increase numbers of cyclists and to increase and improve services aimed at cyclists. As a listed service, we agree to extend our services to cyclists and to do so with their needs in mind to the best of our ability. The website URL indicated is the main url and home page address for our service.

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Your payment will be processed by Cycle Canada the Veloforce Corporation. Cycle Canada operates Learn about us here: Cycle Canada . We aim to have your listing online within 48 hours of receipt of payment. We will send you notices when your listing expires. Please contact us at if you have questions. We will review the website and contact you if we have any questions.