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Please check Availability of our tours before registering. Please also read our Policies page and Deposit and Options Information Page before registering for a Cycle Canada tour. Links to pages with full event details can be found here: Cycle Canada Tours

You can also use our pdf form to register: Cycle Canada Event Registration Form. Two events are not covered on this form, they are our Century Ride and Tour du Canada. Please go to CycleCanada Century Ride Registration Form. and Tour du Canada Application

For final payments please use this form: Final Payments

Please note: Each person wishing to participate in a tour must complete a registration form and sign a waiver.

Register for a Cycle Canada Tour

1 Tour Selection

For summary details of each event please visit: Please print off this form and keep with your registration confirmation message.

2Registrant Name
3Registrant Contact Information
4Personal Information

Please advise us if there is any medical condition that Cycle Canada should know about with respect to your participation in this event.

5Event Registration Options

Please note we can not guarantee private washrooms.

If you have a partner, wish to share and do not have a partner, please indicate below.

In some locations, rooms with 2 beds are limited (eg historic inns). If you request two beds we may need to allocate two rooms at a premium. In some cases where there are two beds they may be different types (eg pull out couch or futon style). Please contact us if you have questions.

Return options are available only on some rides. Booked at time of registration.

In cases where we transport your bike you do not need to box it. Bikes may often be disassembled in order to load in our truck, including front wheel removal, rear wheel removal, handlebars removed or turned, pedals removed. Some bikes may be carried on exterior racks. We take care of your bikes as if they were our own. However we recommend that you take your bike to a bike shop for a tune up after the ride.

For tours with a different end point, we are generally able to transport flat foldable cardboard bike boxes in our truck, if you wish to bring one. We may also be able to transport a limited number soft – shell cases or hard soft – shell cases for a fee. Courier companies including Purolator, FedEx or Greyhound will transport such cases — please check for details as it may be necessary for you to arrange your own transport.


Please add medical issues we need to hear about.

Would you like to donate to the Tour du Canada Bursary Fund and help a young person participate in the cross-Canada ride? Learn more about the fund here: Tour du Canada Bursary Fund

7Cycle Canada Waiver

It is a requirement that prior to commencing a ride with Cycle Canada you sign our waiver form. Please select the button below to view the waiver. Please then indicate that you have read and agree with the waiver and conditions and will sign a paper copy and deliver it to Cycle Canada prior to the start of the ride


If paying by credit card please enter your credit card information here. If paying by cheque, interac or wire transfer please proceed to Step 9

9Registration Fee, Deposit, Cancellation and Insurance

Please note that in addition to other provisions of our cancellation policy, deposits are not refundable

  • Registration Fee: To participate in a Cycle Canada event each rider pays a non-refundable registration and processing fee of $150. That fee covers advance trip preparation material provided to a rider by Cycle Canada, which is registered with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario.
  • Deposit: Deposits are not refundable or transferrable to another person.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and must come from the participant or a person legally entitled to act on the participant's behalf.
  • Payment in full is due 45 days before the start of a trip. We accept Canadian dollar cheques up to 45 days before an event starts. Late payments must be by money order or credit card. Payments by credit card are in Canadian funds. If payment of final fees is not received by 45 days before the start of an event, a 2% late charge may be assessed.
  • For cancellations more than 45 days before the start date of an event, an administration fee will be assessed. A portion of a deposit may be transferable to an event in the following year at the sole discretion of Cycle Canada.
  • Cycle Canada may cancel a registration if final payment is not received by a due date. In such case the cancellation policy applies

Cycle Canada recommends that participants investigate and obtain travel, cancellation, medical and personal property insurance in connection with their tour.

Cycle Canada does not offer or sell travel insurance.

Please read our policies here: Cycle Canada Policies

In addition to our recommendationt that you obtain various insurance in connection with this tour, we recommend that you not make travel arrangement bookings associated with this tour before we have confirmed your registration.

10Submit Registration Form

Please note by submitting this form your credit card will not be automatically charged. Please contact us within 24 hours if you change your mind about registering for one of our tours.