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Our trips for 2018 are complete. We will announce our 2019 dates and fees at the end of October and November 2018.

We offer a range of supported tours, from leisurely tours to challenging expeditions.

Planning for 2019? Here are some ideas: Canadian Bicycle Tours .

Cycle Canada Tours with a Leisurely Pace

Challenge Level

Weekend and Week long tours including with average daily distances of 48 – 56km (30 – 35mi). Niagara, Ottawa, Kingston, Prince Edward County, Montreal and Manitoulin.

Cycle Canada Vacation Tours

Challenge Level

Week-long tours in Quebec and Ontario, including:

Cycle Canada cross Canada rides

Challenge Level

Ride across Canada west to east on Tour du Canada or go north to cross the Arctic Circle on Tour Arctic.

Tour du Canada 2019

Join us in 2019 for the trip of a lifetime:

Quick Summary — Tour du Canada


  • June 19 to August 30, 2019
  • Across Canada from the west coast to the east coast.
  • Vancouver, B.C. to St. John's, Newfoundland Labrador
  • Travelling to all 10 Canadian provinces
  • Total days — 72
  • Riding days — 60
  • Total distance by bike 7,635 km (4,710 miles)
  • Daily average 129 km ( 80 mi.)
  • Longest day — 174 km (107 mi.)
  • Optional Mile 0 start trip(Victoria)
  • and more . . . Tour du Canada
  • Challenge Level: Four Cogs (most challenging)

    Do you eat to ride or ride to eat? Check out our Tour de Treats!

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    Photo Albums

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    Keeping Your Bike Safe

    We'll share some tales and tips with you plus some further reading so your bike is where it should be, on the road with you. Read More . . . Keeping Your Bike Safe

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