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Cycle Canada Policies

On this page of our web site you will find information on our policies and procedures for the conduct of our supported trips. This includes policies on payment dates, refunds, insurance, privacy, sponsorship. If you can not find the answer to your question here, please visit or Frequently Asked Questions Page: FAQ or write us at or call us toll free 800-214-7798 in North America, or from overseas, 1-705-434-1100. Information should be read in conjunction with the CycleCanada Schedule of Dates and Fees, which has specific detail on each event.

Our Pledge to You:

Participants in our events have a right to expect that Cycle Canada, as organizers, and its staff will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that riders complete their ride and are enriched by the cycling experience. We hope that each rider will find companionship in, and be tolerant of, other members of the group and help to make the trip a memorable and positive experience for all riders.

Event Policies

Cycle Canada Trips:

Cycle Canada policies apply to all events organized by Cycle Canada. Tour du Canada is a club event that is managed by Cycle Canada and specific policies apply. Tour Arctic, Tour Atlantic, Tour Pacific and Tour Gaspé are expedition-style trips. These expedition trips are offered as camping or all-indoor tours. Some nights are in remote locations where there is no indoor accommodation. Other Cycle Canada events are vacation-length with indoor accommodation.

Indoor Accommodation:

Indoor accommodation is provided on the night of the last riding day for all trips, except three-day events. Arrangements vary for accommodation on the night before the first riding day. Fees are based on double accommodation. Single accommodation may be available for an additional fee. Where we do not have a match for a solo rider with someone of the same gender, we will assess a single supplement at the time of registration. If we are able to find a partner, the single supplement will be refunded. We may need to have mixed gender arrangements where we have university, hostel or ferry cabin accommodations. For all accommodation types, washroom facilities may be shared and a bed may be a pull-out couch. Where fees are based on double accommodation, should an unusual situation arise we reserve the right to put three to a room.

Camping Accommodation:

Camping facilities include private campgrounds, provincial or federal parks and in some cases special arrangements with community groups. We look for camping accommodation with hot showers but that may not be possible in some locations. Riders bring their own bedrolls, tents, eating utensils and plates/bowls/mugs. We have a limited number of tents for rental for the duration of a trip (conditions apply).


On indoor trips, we provide breakfasts on riding days, except events of three days or less. Riders on indoor trips make their own arrangements for lunches and dinners, except that we provide one group dinner during events of five riding days or more. On camping trips, breakfasts and dinners are provided on riding days where we camp. Riders make their own arrangements for lunches on riding days and meals on rest days. Staff prepare meals from a mobile galley. Meal plans stress a high-carbohydrate diet that active people need. We make every effort to accommodate vegetarians.

Vehicle Support:

Each tour is supported by a motor vehicle. The primary purpose of vehicle support is to carry rider gear and, where applicable, food and cooking equipment. The truck will follow the route where possible to reach the night's destination but does not regularly patrol the route. Cycle Canada does not transport passengers in vehicles, except, where space allows, to assist a cyclist in difficulty. The general practice in such situation is that riders should be prepared to rely on third-party transportation at their own expense. In cases of injury or illness while on the road, a participant should promptly contact emergency services. Our head office will assist with such arrangements as is practical. In most emergency cases timing is critical and our vehicle or office support will not be able to respond with the immediacy that such emergencies require.


Cycle Canada recommends that riders investigate and obtain travel, cancellation, medical and personal property insurance when registering for a trip. We cannot make exceptions to our cancellation policies.

The Organizers

Cycle Canada events and Tour du Canada are organized by Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation. Our off-season base is at Alliston, Ontario, which is about midway between Toronto and vacation destinations along Georgian Bay.

Registration Fee:

To participate in a Cycle Canada event each rider pays a non-refundable registration fee of $150. That fee covers advance trip preparation material provided to a rider by Cycle Canada, which is registered with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO Reg. # 50022860R)..

Event Deposit and Waiver:

Deposit amounts vary by type of event. Deposits are not refundable or transferrable to another person. Signing the Cycle Canada waiver prior to the start of an event is a condition of registration.

Payment of Event Fees:

Payment in full is due 45 days before the start of a trip. We accept Canadian dollar cheques up to 45 days before an event starts. Late payments must be by money order or credit card. Payments by credit card are in Canadian funds. If payment of final fees is not received by 45 days before the start of an event, a 2% late charge may be assessed.

Cancellation By a Participant:

  • Cancellations must be in writing and must come from the participant or a person legally entitled to act on the participant's behalf.
  • For cancellations more than 45 days before the start date of an event, an administration fee will be assessed. A portion of fees paid may be transferable to an event in the following year at the sole discretion of Cycle Canada.
  • For cancellations between 45 days and 31 days before the start date of an event, an administration fee of 50% of the total trip fee will be assessed and the remaining amount will be a credit to an event in the following year.
  • Starting from 30 days before the start date fees paid are not refundable.
  • Cycle Canada may cancel a registration if final payment is not received by a due date. In such case the cancellation policy applies

Event Cancellation or route Change:

Organizers reserve the right to cancel an event for any reason at any time prior to departure. In such case funds paid will be refunded, except that the registration fee is not refundable. Cycle Canada reserves the right to transfer a registration fee to another event. If an event is cancelled, organizers are not responsible for additional expenses, such as travel costs. Where Cycle Canada decides it is not feasible, practical or advisable to continue with an event as scheduled, Cycle Canada reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reroute or cancel an event. Cycle Canada shall not be liable for failure to perform or for damages resulting from delay or termination of an event by causes beyond its control.

Unused Services

Where a participant does not use a service that is part of an event package, no refund shall be made and that service cannot be transferred to another person.

Group Size:

We believe you will enjoy a cycling trip more in groups where you get to know other riders. For that reason, we limit group size. Limits vary, depending on the trip.


Before each trip, we provide orientation information or conduct a session to discuss our practices and what you can expect on the ride. We believe that time spent at an orientation is a valuable part of the trip.

Routemaps and GPS:

We provide daily route sheets and/or maps for cyclists on our events. We do not routinely provide GPS data or signed routes. We do not have guides on bikes. We believe that riders should share the responsibility for traveling as cycle tourists. Our concern is that digital map formats do not have reliable methods to effectively communicate caution notes that are a standard component of our printed maps.

Travel, Luggage And Bike Boxes:

Riders are responsible for their own travel arrangements to reach an assembly point. Where return transport by bus or train is arranged, bike transport is included. We recommend sports bags instead of standard luggage for longer trips. We will transport bike boxes that fold flat but not bulky bike boxes. Oversize luggage fees may apply.


We provide a communication system that allows us to assist with problems should they arise. Drivers do not carry mobile phones to communicate with riders. A mobile phone can be a dangerous distraction for drivers when driving. We provide toll-free telephone lines to our office, plus a mobile phone contact number to reach a supervisor.

Partway/All the Way:

We encourage riders to join our trips for the full ride. But you can ride part of a trip, except Tour du Canada. Where permitted, special provisions to ride a segment of a trip must be made in advance.


From time to time we get queries from people who want to associate their ride with a charitable, non-profit or for-profit organization. We do not permit for-profit sponsorships. We do recognize that charitable pursuits are important and we may allow sponsorship for charitable purposes. Riders with such plans must contact us in advance. We do insist that trademarked names or copyright material not be used in association with sponsorship or fundraising activities, except where expressly authorized in writing by Cycle Canada.


Our policy is that if you contact us with your name, address and any other personal information, we will not sell, rent, trade, "partner" or distribute that information to any third party, except where required by law or as authorized by the participant in an event or in connection with the transfer of control of Cycle Canada. Participants are expected to honour this policy.

Effective Date:

This policy statement is in effect from December 19, 2022.