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We've been discovering Canada by bicycle since 1988

Cycle Canada is a Canadian company owned by Bud Jorgensen and Margot Jorgensen.

Bud and Margot Jorgensen

Both Bud and Margot have cycled Tour du Canada twice. Bud in 1993 and 2019 and Margot in 1994 and 2019. This photo is of Bud and Margot at the Terry Fox monument in Thunder Bay during Tour du Canada 2019.

In 1987 Bud founded Tour du Canada, an annual cross Canada bicycle ride with an international reputation. In 1995 Bud and Margot researched and laid the ground work for the first annual BiQue Ride, a one week ride from Toronto to Montreal. Since then they have expanded the roster of trips throughout Canada, including Acadian Coast in New Brunswick, Erie Shores, a cross-Canada ride from south to north - Tour Arctic - where cyclists travel from Vancouver to Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., crossing the Arctic Circle and Simcoe Circle - a circumnavigation of southern Ontario's Lake Simcoe.

About Bud

Before operating Cycle Canada full time, Bud was a journalist. Most recently he was a columnist at the Financial Post and The Globe and Mail. In earlier years he wrote for Reuters, Canadian Press, Associated Press, Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province.

During the past four decades, in addition to Tour du Canada and Cycle Canada events, Bud has created a number of well known cycling events and has developed new routes that have become recognized as Canadian classics.

This includes the Toronto Bicycle Network's (TBN) Pelee Wheelie, first held in 1986, and, the TBN's signature event Cyclon, first held in 1987. You can read about how Cyclon began here: Cyclon.

Bud is Executive Director of Tour du Canada. He is a member of the Randonneurs Ontario. Bud rode Paris-Brest in 1991 and is a Director of CKAP, the Canadian Kilometre Achievers Program.

Toronto Bicycling Network Cyclon Award Bud Jorgensen - Founder - Toronto Bicycling Network's Cyclon
PBP Award Paris Brest Paris Medals - Bud Jorgensen

About Margot

Margot has owned and operated three companies involved in retail, wholesale and office leasing. She served as Chair of the Cheshire Home Foundation, Director of Times Change Women's Employment Services and member of the Economic Development Committee in the town where she lives. Margot operates the Websites for various non-profit organizations including, the Canadian Kilometer Achievers Program on a volunteer basis.

About this photo

Bud Jorgensen

This is a shot of Bud on the final stretch of the Triple T in 1997. Breathing down his neck is Bill Lishman's famous dragon sculpture (you can catch a glimpse of it in the movie Fly Away Home). Years ago Bill had also created Autohenge. We knew the Triple T route passed close by and wanted to "pray" our respects. But we couldn't remember the exact location so we wrote to Bill.

This is Bill's reply: Sorry to say Autohenge no longer exists, the rusting cars began to sag and the farmer whose land it was on began to worry about liability particularly about teenagers who used to party there when the moon was full and their hormones raged, a sad commentary on our age of litigation - I have hopes some day of making son of autohenge it was a piece I enjoyed every day. If you can think of a way to raise about fifty thousand it could exist again. good riding, what a way to experience the country!

Good luck to Bill, until then we will keep pedalling the roads of this great land in search of mythical creatures and tributes to times gone by. You can read about Bill's life and accommplishments here: Bill Lishman .


  • Tour du Canada: Providing administrative support for the non-profit national cycling organization, Tour du Canada. Tour du Canada was founded in 1987 by Bud Jorgensen. Bud is principal of Cycle Canada.
  • Supported Tours: Developing and conducting a full range of supported cycling tours throughout Canada For a current list of tours visit: Cycle Canada Tours .
  • Tour du Canada Time Trial: Staging the annual cycling race against the clock, the Tour du Canada Time Trial.
  • Velo Hospitality: Operating the Velo Hospitality programme which recognizes, promotes and helps develop cycling friendly accommodation and services.
  • Cycle Canada Directory: Maintaining a directory of cycling clubs, bike shops and advocacy groups across Canada. We also host web sites for clubs in Canada at no charge.
  • Custom Tours: Designing and managing custom tours for groups.
  • Cycling Accesories: Producing and selling a line cycling accesories under the marks Tour du Canada, CycleCanada and Discover Your Routes.
  • Publications: Operating the websites, and Discover Your Routes Press. Currently DYR Press publishes a growing list of items, including the Cycle Canada Guide to Bicycle Touring and the Velo Hospitality Guide For credits for photographs used on our Websites please visit: Photo Credits
  • Travel Industry: It is manditory for travel businesses with offices in Ontario to be licenced under the Travel Industry Act of Ontario. This Act is consumer protection legislatation that is administered by the Travel Industry of Ontario (TICO). Cycle Canada's TICO registeration number is: 50022860. All participants must register individually with Cycle Canada and agree to our policy terms and conditions in order to participate in our tours.

Community Work

Cycle Canada is selective in its choice of projects to support corporately. We manage the affairs of Tour du Canada, the club. Time and funds that we donate to Tour du Canada and other cycling clubs constitute the significant share of our corporate support activitites. We support the sponsorship policy adopted by the Board of Tour du Canada.

We receive support and friendship from members of local communities across the country, particulary for Tour du Canada. We appreciate this greatly and always strive to conduct ourselves in a similar manner.

Cycle Canada may from time to time sponsor other projects that are consistent with furthering its corporate goals as a commercial tour operator and the operator of Canada's premier cycling website portal.

We operate which promotes cycling friendly services across Canada. Clubs, bike shops, education and advocacy can all list on the site at no charge.

Charity Events

Cycle Canada will organize custom tours where funds are raised for a charitable cause or for a non-profit club. If you are interested in our consulting services please complete our custom tour form: Custom Tours

Tour du Canada Bursary Fund

Cycle Canada is the sponsor of the Tour du Canada Bursary Fund which provides funds to help young people participate in the cross-country bicycle tour — Tour du Canada. We welcome contributors to this fund.

To learn more about the Tour du Canada Bursary Fund, to make a contribution or apply for a Bursary please visit: Tour du Canada Bursary Fund