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We have fond memories of the fall bike trip. Ron has his pictures on a continuous loop slide show he set up on a tablet in the living room, so we get glimpses of the countryside, fall colours and fellow bikers every time we walk by! R&L P'tit Train 2022

Was great spending time and riding with everyone, hope to repeat it someday. MK Tour Atlantic 2022

I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. As an immigrant to Canada, one of my very first thoughts once I arrived was how am I going to see this whole country as I saw my own as a kid/young adult. Fifteen years after arriving in Canada, while surfing the net, I come across your website. My question was answered on Tour du Canada and a couple years later, Tour Arctic. With the whole pandemic bs, you could've just shut it all down and said enough. But I have to applaud your perseverance and dedication to making the tours happen. Certainly every year has challenges that weren't there the year before. I'm sure Covid created hell for you. Now 6 years since my first tour, there's probably not a day that goes by that I don't think of something on one of my bike tours. Those memories were created because of what you created. So thank you. I wish you many more years of success in creating Canadian bicycle tour memories! Tour du Canada Member 2021 TdC 2015

Just want to say thank you for dreaming up and coordinating Tour Atlantic. PD Tour Atlantic 2022

Thanks for this, the diploma and all your other work to give me a wonderful ride in September. BP Tour TransCanada 2011, Tour Arctic 2006 and P'tit Train 2022

We really enjoyed the tour and were pleased that we finally made it after 3 years of trying! We also appreciated all the kind words from everyone and we are managing to stay in touch with some of the group. Tour du Canada 2022 Member

Mission Complete! Thanks to you and Margaret! Bud's route was perfect, please thank him. JB Tour Atlantic 2022

I had a great time on the 2022 tour and wish you success again for 2023. Tour du Canada 2022 Member

I really enjoyed the P'tit Train Du Nord tour in Sept/Oct. JH P'tit Train 2022

I will be back for Barrie next year with some tag along. See you then. DM Century Ride 2022

I have such lovely memories from the trip. Wishing you & Bud a wonderful holiday RO Simcoe Circle 2022

Hello dynamic duo, thank you for another great year and looking forward to meeting up on CC trips. MM Century Ride 2022

I had a great experience touring the country, the best parts of which were the people and friendships made. They became like family and I couldn't have completed the campaign without them. Thank you to the families of riders who provided treats throughout the whole trip. Tour du Canada 2022 Member

Thanks to you ... for two of my life's greatest adventures, Tour du Canada 2001 and 2006 Tour du Canada Member

I just received the Certificate of Completion for the TdC. This was a pleasant surprise to receive this and I will proudly display it as another momento of what was a great summer of riding. I will never forget the summer of 2022. Thank you both for making it possible. Tour du Canada 2022 Member

Hope you like the video ( Cycle Canada's Thousand Islands Tour ). And once again, thanks for a very pleasant tour. BZ Thousand Islands 2021

"It was a real team effort. We developed a bond with each other because we were sharing this huge challenge together," said Walsh of the group's camaraderie. Read More: Tour du Canada 2021 Tour du Canada 2021 Tour du Canada Member

Thank you for a wonderful vacation. I really enjoyed the cycling & I was very luckty to have such wonderful company all the way! The cycling routes are excellent. I also enjoyed the great accommodation along the way & the good meals. Thank you also for al the good snacks & picnic Lunches. My week couldn't have been better... I look forward to another Cycle Canada trip in the future. D. C. Tour Vert 2020

Hope that both of you are well rested and ready to do the Leisure Tour again. Just to let you know that I had a fantastic time!!! I thank both of you for your marvellous company. My wife Denise and I will be visiting Brockville sometime in the fall to see the old homes and fabulous parks. Thanks again and happy cycling always, D. B. 1000 Islands 2020

Hi Bud. Good to hear from you. We had a wonderful holiday thanks to you and Margot! MK P'tit Train 2019

Many thanks for the certificate for my recent Arctic Tour!! To say it was epic is an understatement. It was so tough at time to get through, but I am so filled with accomplishment from completing it. Please say thanks to Seamus, Nora, Bert, Juan and Nord for me. Without them the Tour would not have been possible, and not as enjoyable. A. Z. Tour Arctic, Vancouver to Tuktoyaktuk, 2018

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time I had on the latest tour of Niagara region. This was a great opportunity to see for the first time if I could do a tour and I was not disappointed. I recommend this tour to all first time cyclists. It was just the right amount of distance and time to get to each destination. I, also, enjoyed our chats. The scenery was awesome!!! You chose the hotels and restaurants well. The food was good and the rooms were comfortable and pleasant. You were able to do a lot with the affordable cost of this tour. R and J, Niagara Vineyards, 2018

Lisa and I have thoroughly enjoyed our trip with your company Up Island and on Haida Gwaii. Nora and Seamus were great and Flavien was a first class ambassador for Haida Gwaii. Our Winnipeg friends who joined us for the first time will very likely want to travel with your company in the future. L and P, Haida Gwaii, 2018

Thanks for a WONDERFUL trip. It rained on me for only a grand total of 5 minutes midway between Jasper and the Columbia icefield, and that was it during 16 glorious days of cycling. We were ahead of the forest fires, we were gently pushed eastward by tailwinds, the glaciers were in glorious view all along the parkway, we had clean, comfortable places to sleep, dine, and visit over wine. We had wonderful support by Stuart. Thank you for organizing this big trip. I loved it. L.I. Tour Pacific, 2017

Hi Bud and Margot Thanks for a great time. We shall both have very fond memories of our time in Canada. F and C Custom Trip, Ottawa to Quebec City 2017

The cycle tour was a fantastic experience for us as a family and for getting to know the other members on the tour. It was so well organised with lovely accommodation, the scenery out of this world, the exercise invigorating (if not exhausting!), the other cyclists friendly and welcoming, Stuart had all bases covered and was charming to interact with - we loved it all (except perhaps the instructions into Calgary on the last day - confusing for the likes of me). A.M. Icefields Parkway, 2017

Thanks again for such a great trip to Montreal. It was definitely the highlight of my summer. You and Bud do such a great job of organizing and making everyone feel welcome. S., The BiQue Ride 2017

Margot, I don't think I ever thanked you for another great bicycle vacation. K. and I both enjoyed the week (and you almost made good on the rain-free guarantee ;). A special thanks for your and Bud's help dealing with spoke and credit card issues! Hope you have a wonderful remainder to the summer. Thanks again, D., The BiQue Ride 2017

Margot, thanks for your calmness this afternoon when I called about bike breakdown. Thanks for the arrangements to get me & my sad broken bike back to Barrie. Lucas was great. Marc at Bikeland had a great bike for me to rent... so happy will be able to do the ride tomorrow. What a great team. A.H.G. Cycle Canada Century Ride 2016

I've been meaning to get in touch with you and tell you how I really enjoyed Tour Arctic 2015, it probably was not everything I expected, because I didn't know what to expect! I really appreciated the support of the guides and particularly the comradeship of the other five riding partners. I continue to enthusiastically recommend Cycle Canada to anyone who will listen! I would really like to do another Cycle Canada Tour, but at this stage I am unable to get a sufficiently long leave period to do so pre retirement! R.W. Tour Arctic 2015

Since 2013, I completed two additional rides with "Cycle Canada", "Tour Pacific" and "Tour Arctic". In the first case, the Vancouver to Calgary was amazing. The highlight was the distance from Kamloops north-east to the Columbia Ice Fields with its challenging hills and followed by a descents towards Lake Louise. In the second adventure, we cycled on the west coasts from Vancouver towards Port Hardy offered some typical sceneries of British-Columbia. The distance east and north from Prince Rupert outlined great forests, rivers and lakes including little villages interesting to discovers, important cities such as Whitehouse, the capital of Yukon and Dawson City, a large touristic city well visited. The highlight of the tour for me was completing the journey by cycling on the 732 km gravel highway, the "Dempster Highway". I believe, my five cycling friends would agree with me; we will remember that particular eight days of efforts for a good part of our remaining lifes. The objective was completed with our arrival in Inuvit. Tour du Canada 2013 Tour du Canada Member, Tour Pacific 2014 Tour Arctic 2015

Dennis and I have just returned from our amazing bike trip of the Niagara area. . . We enjoyed our biking very much. The route was great, accommodations great, instructions spot on and the wine was a nice plus. . . Thanks for a well organized tour. We look forward to going on more tours. P.M. Niagara Vineyards 2015

Bud's trips always take you through some beautiful country. This trip was no exception. A smoky haze obscured part of it, of course, but no matter. The small size of the group in Bud's trips ultimately seems to put the focus on the people. That's what seems to keep me coming back and I got lucky again. Thanks. Really enjoyed meeting all of you and hearing a little about your lives and travels, and being entertained by your stories, and laughing at your jokes and even your puns, good and bad. B.Z. Rocky Mountain 2015

We loved our trip! Tommy you were great!!!!! To our wonderful Canadian bikers-wonderful company! . . . Thanks Again for wonderful trip . . . Till a future vacation. M.M. Tour Vert 2015

Hi, Bud and Margo, I just wanted to thank you both again for setting up such a memorable and enjoyable week of riding and exploring. The chance to visit my father's grave in Knowlton was very significant for me, and to be able to combine it with a great trip with such a wonderful group of riders was really amazing. You guys do a great job with the tours. I'm looking forward to the next one already.S.H. Tour Vert 2015

Bryan and I had a great time! The group got along wonderfully, evidenced by the fact that we all ate dinner together very night. We had not been on a tour before and, therefore, did not know what to expect. All in all, it far exceeded our expectations.J.L. Erie Shores 2014

I found this the perfect set up for a first time tourer ... Overall I found the experience fantastic and am definitely planning to join more tours in the future.C.M. The BiQue Ride 2014

Although this was the most challenging ride we have ever done, we loved it, and are actually considering doing it again! E.H. Tour Arctic 2014

The Dempster was challenging, some might say brutal - wind cold, rain, mud, gravel,hills, bugs, bear anxiety. But what a tremendous way to see Yukon, NWT, Western Arctic. I completed EFI and wouldn't have missed it for the world. M.T. Dempster Highway 2014

I'm really glad we went on this tour and enjoyed it immensely. J.C. Canol Road 2014

Sights lovely, glad we took the flat course, better for me than hills. Would be nice to return to Canada and take another trip with CC. The folks were great fun and may come to the states at some point and ride with me/us. Appreciate all of your pre travel understanding and advice, Bud also. Chris was a sweetheart. Thanks again, T.D. Erie Shores 2014

June and I wanted to thank Bud and Margo (Jorgensen) and Chris and Tara, and all the folks on Tour Arctic/Haida Gwaii for a wonderful two weeks of cycling and exploring. We had a great time, and will always remember our trip to the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for everything you did to make it such a wonderful vacation. We hope to see you again on another tour! S.H. Haida Gwaii 2014

Absolutely fantastic trip and experience! S.H. Tour Pacific 2014

This was my first point-to-point tour, and I wasn't sure what to expect. This tour exceeded my expectations! Especially since it was a new tour, the routes were very well researched and generally worked well. S.S. Simcoe Circle 2014

Fabulous scenery, great route, I really liked being able to ride independently with the map as a guide. I really enjoyed the participants on the trip and the hotels in Ottawa and Montreal. The staff at the B & B were super friendly. The breakfasts were plentiful and delicious and I liked that they were all pre-arranged. L.I. Voyageur Route 2014

I wanted to email you and say a huge 'THANK YOU' as Debbie and I had a wonderful time on the bike tour. We pretty much laughed the whole time and formed great relationships with the other riders. On the night of the dinner there was a point where everyone was laughing so hard that we were crying... and we can't even remember what we were laughing about. Adam was great and made the trip even better. Thank you again. It has definitely made me passionate about doing another tour in the future. :) C.A. Niagara Vineyards 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. There is really nothing I can criticize. I would definitely would go on other Cycle Canada trips. The accommodations were for for the most part excellent and the cost was very reasonable. R.A. Voyageur Route 2014

I wanted to let you know that both Pete and I had a wonderful time on the trip from Ottawa to Quebec city, one of my best trips ever! D.R. Voyageur Route 2014

I rode in last year's Tour TransCanada. If I could use only one world to describe my experience last year it would be "Awesome". . . I can't say enough good things about the Cycle Canada staff and the all the wonderful people in Canada. M.W. Tour TransCanada 2013

Well, it's been a full week since the conclusion of our wonderful ride, and I'm long overdue in sending this sincere letter of thanks! I have to tell you that having travelled all over the world and having had some amazing adventures, this was one of my very top highlights! I absolutely loved the trip! Thanks to you both! Everything, from the stunning route, the great people on the tour, the accommodations and your wonderful colleague, Peter, were far more than I had ever dreamed or expected. The trip also gave me a completely different idea of what my bike and I can do. It's incredibly refreshing, and something that will change the way I spend some lovely days. Please keep me posted with next years tours! I will be inviting others from Winnipeg, and I know Paul, Lisa and I will be back for many more of your adventures. R.B. The BiQue Ride 2013

I loved my trip this summer and do plan to do more tours with Cycle Canada. J.P. Tour Atlantic 2013

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the recent tour from Vancouver to Calgary. The riding and scenery were superb. The food was great. The logistics with the trailer and electric recharge point were the best I have ever had. So nice to start most days with a fully charged set of gear and phone. J.R. Tour Pacific 2013

Just wanted to say thanks for the ride to Barrie on Saturday. I was ready to call it quits Saturday morning fighting the cold, wind, and my bad cough. But by resting Saturday and the very favorable wind direction Sunday, I had a great ride back and met several great new people. A.C. CycleCanada Century Ride 2013

Thank you ever so much for providing this opportunity for (us) to see and cycle across this vast beautiful country of ours. No one does what you do and we are so very fortunate and apreciative. C.& L. W. Tour TransCanada 2013

This is just a short note to thank you for putting together such a great cycle tour . . . Peter's assistance was exemplary, he was kind, helpful and always had a smile . . . B. & S. T. Tour Vert 2013

I just wanted to thank you () for another memorable tour. The route was challenging and the scenery was spectacular! We really lucked out getting so little rain. Brenda and Mike were fantastic. I really appreciated them accommodating my special diet. I also had a lot of fun getting to know the other riders, several of whom I'll be staying in touch with. L.M. Tour Atlantic 2013

After reflection, I must admit that this ride was the one that I never wanted to end. Thank you Cycle Canada! N.A. The BiQue Ride 2013

OK back in Bend. I greatly enjoyed the adventure. I was pleased to see and experience the Canadian Maritimes. The physical challenge of 864 miles of hills was rewarding. And, I greatly appreciated the warmth and friendship that the other riders extended to this older guy from the USA. Thank you friends! F.F. Tour Atlantic 2012 Rider

I'm still finding it a little tricky being back in my 'normal' life - but I'm sure it will all fall in place, hopefully, soon. Thank you so much for all your help and support this summer!! It was simply AWESOME!!!!! :) D.B. Tour TransCanada 2012 Rider

All this time I had been writing weekly e-mails of my journey to my mother, who would forward them onto family friends and relatives. She told me how much people, particularly my grandparents, loved reading about my adventures each week. She would print my e-mails off the computer for my Grandmother (who has a hard time standing up out of a chair) to read. My Grandmother would just snatch them right out of her hands at the first opportunity. I began to realize that some people were enjoying my journey as much as I was, and maybe some days more. I needed to keep riding so that others at home, like my Grandmother who cannot ride a bike herself, could experience an adventure too. At this time when experts are saying that young people are not graduating university with critical thinking skills, and that a university education will not land you a great job these days, I can think of no better way to remind myself I can reach my goals in life than by thinking of my bike ride across Canada. Thank you to all those who made this trip possible for me, from the trip organizer, to the staff, the bursary donors, my fellow riders, my family, my friends and finally all those across Canada who welcomed us into their communities (and while I'm at it I'd also like to thank my bike and my legs). I am so appreciative. Tour du Canada 2012 Tour du Canada Member

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and making our Voyageur Route such an enjoyable ride. My son and I had a fantastic time. S.D. Tour Vert 2012

This was our first experience cycling in Canada, and we have nothing but wonderful memories. You guys have a great product, and Greg and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. L. & G. S. Tour Pacific 2012

Thanks for running an organized bike tour though a remote part of the country that would have been very difficult to do solo. It gave us all an opportunity to see a part of Canada that most people never get to see first-hand by car, let alone by bike. P. D. Tour Arctic 2012

thank you for a wonderful summer in Canada! M. R. Tour TransCanada 2012

I started riding a sport bike in the spring of 2005 and quickly realized that cycling is an ideal way of traveling. In the fall, I registered for the crossing of Canada, a trip with logistics support organized by Cycle Canada. Besides giving me the opportunity to see my country, this tour was to enable me to gain experience as a cyclist and reinforces my decision to travel by bike. The 7 900 km of the pleasures that followed were more than conclusive. Tour du Canada 2006 Tour du Canada Member.

Four NBW (of our bike club members) cycled 350 miles from Ottawa to Quebec City during the last week of July joining two other 'Americans' and nine Canadians on a CycleCanada bike tour. For three of us, this was our second trip with this company, having done its Fall Colours Tour of the Ottawa River Valley a few years back. Again, we experienced a value packed week with wonderful biking, terrific SAG and superb accommodations. R. M. Voyageur Route 2010

The entire experience was indescribable and I'd do it all over again in a second. K.S. Tour Arctic 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed the Tour Arctic - yes - there were a few glitches and things that I would have liked to be different, but what an amazing experience. You know the expression - Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but how many moments take your breath away (or something like that) - well there were MANY moments on this trip. E.T. Tour Arctic 2010

By way of feedback, I would like immediately to thank and congratulate Cycle Canada for the thorough and efficient way in which this trip was organized. All the arrangements regarding the route and accommodations seemed to work out very smoothly. Everyone appreciated the daily cue sheets and the lovely/almost luxurious motels/hotels/inns. ... In short, I would recommend Cycle Canada's Voyageur Route as a superlative experience for any fit rider, am thrilled to have been able to complete it and, at the age of 76, regard it as the finest athletic accomplishment of my life. P.G. Voyageur Route 2010

Greetings from the west! I hope everyone got home safe and sound. I look back on my photos and I can't believe we went all that way! It was simply a wonderful holiday and yet a daily challenge to be conquered. ... It was all fun, it was incredible scenery and some wonderful weather until the last day... Thank you one and all. Thanks to Bud and the Cycle Canada Tour company it was my best holiday to date. A.S. Tour Atlantic 2011

The Arctic Tour was an exceptionally great trip and I enjoyed the entire time (even the tough days!!). S.O. Tour Arctic 2011

I'm always astounded at the way you can run so many overlapping tours so efficiently while keeping you finger on the pulse at all times. You are an excellent example of a small well run business B.R. Tour Atlantic 2011

My wife, Anne, and I had a terrific experience on the Toronto to Ottawa trip last week and have recommended it to several of our biking friends here in Indiana. Spencer was a superb support driver and host and I would not change a thing about the trip. I especially appreciated all the personal touches afforded a small group of riders unlike what we have experienced with other supported rides hosting hundreds of riders. This trip was superb and we will be coming back for future rides. R.G. The By-Cycle Ride 2011

I was on the recently completed Bique ride and just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed myself immensely. D.I. The BiQue Ride 2011

truly enjoyed the Tour Vert. fantastic room in quebec city. T.F. Tour Vert 2011

Nice, nice tour. We enjoyed the route, accomodations, our companions and Michael. Even the temperature and wind was made to order. Nice to be back with Cycle Canada again and we wish you much luck with this new route. I think it will become very popular. J. & J. A. Niagara Vineyards 2012

The Buffalo Grove, Illinois, guys had a great time on the Toronto to Montreal trip. Mike was a very good SAG guy. M.S. The BiQue Ride 2012

This is a good choice for someone doing a multiday bicycle ride for the first time. The terrain is mostly flat between Toronto and Montreal, and the prevailing wind is at your back. There are lots of historic landmarks along the ride, and Toronto and Montreal are first-class cities. Bud Jorgensen and his staff do an excellent job of organizing the trip RK The BiQue Ride 1997

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