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Tour Gaspé

Quebec City and Around the Gaspé to Campbellton

Tour Gaspé is a two-week trip along the south shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence from Quebec City to tip of the Gaspé Peninsula and then on to Campbellton, New Brunswick.

Follow the South Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Tour Gaspé is a supported tour and accommodation is indoors. There are rest days in Matane and Gaspé, near the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula. Cycling will be on paved roads. Terrain is hilly in some sections with climbs and descents that can be quite steep, although not particularly long. Services in some areas can be minimal and between villages. Scenery is spectacular, especially along high cliffs on the shoreline of the peninsula.

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Canada's Oldest French City

Quebec City is roughly where the Gulf of St. Lawrence ends and the river begins as you travel inland by water. From Quebec City our tour travels east along the south shore where we pass through a district known for its farms and artisans on our route to Rimouski. Rimouski is the largest city in a region known as Bas St.–Laurent (Lower St. Lawrence). From there we go to Matane where we have a rest day.

The Gulf of St. Lawrence, an Ecological Treasure

The waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence provide a rich and diverse marine habitat. Beluga whales live there year-round and it is a breeding ground for literally hundreds of species of birds with flocks estimated to be up to 15,000.

Riding the Shoreline of the Gaspé Peninsula

Matane is generally considered to be the eastern edge of tidal flow. From there we ride along the rocky shoreline to Gaspé and have our second rest day there. From Gaspé we'll follow the waters of Baie-des-Chaleurs (bay of warmth) to Percé which is famous for its picture postcard rock island. Then we ride along the bay to a bridge to Campbellton, New Brunswick, at the estuary of the Restigouche River.

Return to Quebec City by Train

Campbellton is at the north end of New Brunswick's Acadian Coast. It is an overnight train to Quebec City from Campbellton, which gives us a day off there to unwind, or possibly visit Sugarloaf, a popular nearby park with hiking trails. Sugarloaf Mountain is a long-extinct volcano.

Tour Summary Dates and Fees

  • Dates: Join us in 2019
  • Fees are per person in Canadian funds, double accommodation
Type Fee HST Total
Tour Fee
Optional Single Supplement
  • Total amount includes Registration Fee ($150.00) and Deposit ($250.00) which are non-refundable (please refer to our cancellation policy)
  • Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).
  • We are not able to guarantee ensuite bathrooms.

Accommodation & Meals

  • Nights indoors — 14 nights (includes train)
  • Train fare to Quebec City and cabin (2 to a cabin)*
  • 2 dinners and 11 breakfasts
  • Nutritonal on the road lunch on riding days.

*The train trip from Campbellton to Quebec City is an overnight trip. Cabin space can be limited. We may need to house people of different genders in the same cabin or require an upgrade to a solo cabin for a premium if avaialble.

Distances and Rating

  • Total Distance — 1000 km (620 mi)
  • Daily Average — 100 km (62 mi)
  • Longest Day — 135 km (83 mi)
  • Riding Days — 10
  • Rest Days — 3
  • Breakfasts — 11
  • Dinners — 2

Challenge Level: Four Cogs(highest)

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