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Photo Credits

The photographs on and were all taken on our events.

We as organizers always try to capture moments on the tours while underway and many of the photos are ours. But past participants are especially generous in sending and sharing their photographs with us.

If you are interested in a photograph, where it was taken or you wish to use a higher resolution version please contact us. We wish to respect the photographers copyrights by obtaining permission and providing credit. Special thanks go to the people below whose photos appear, or have appeared on our site. If you spot your photo and we have missed you in the credits - please do let us know! contact CycleCanada

Thanks to the following photographers:

  • John Bachmann
  • Mark Bazerman
  • Mike Belfry
  • Marty Bernstein
  • Dennis Bussey
  • Kevin Bruner
  • David Crochetiere
  • Bernie and Bonnie Danylyshen
  • Brian Doan
  • Ed Emond
  • Spencer Finnie
  • Barry Fischer
  • Mel Fleishchacker
  • Anna Formusiak
  • George Fralic
  • Heather Geluk
  • Michael Gfeller
  • Matjaz Gaspirc
  • Emily Hahn
  • Alan Henderson
  • Mart Hendrik
  • Ed Herage
  • Devon Hoffman
  • Linda Hooper
  • Mary Jolly
  • Nathan Maclauchlan
  • Steve Magee
  • Cor Manders
  • Richard Mandle
  • Keith McEwen
  • Alan Medcalf
  • Jules Meunier
  • Alex Morgan
  • Keith Morgan
  • Justin Ming
  • Jai Patel
  • Nik Pleschke
  • Cor Provoost
  • Ed Robinson
  • Bill Ruddick
  • Erkan Sarioglu
  • Karen Scaife
  • Agatha Sibbald
  • Doug Smith
  • Mike Smith
  • J.J. Sperk
  • "Team Sketchy"
  • Kees Vonk
  • Rob Williams
  • Dan Wilson