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Cross Canada Tours x 2.

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Tour Arctic — Across Canada south to north
Tour Arctic

Tour Arctic starts in Vancouver in 2018 and travels to Tuktoyaktuk. Total days 34, 29 riding days, 5 rest day, ferry trips 4, total distance by bike 3275 km (2020 mi.), daily average 112 km (69 mi.)

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Tour du Canada — Across Canada west to east, All Provinces
Tour du Canada

Tour du Canada is a cross-Canada club event. Participants are members of the club and participate in the club and event on a shared cost basis. It is an annual event first held in 1988. 59 riding days, total distance by bike 7,640 km (4,645 miles), daily average 129 km ( 80 mi.).

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Leisurely Tours. .

Vacation Tours .

Expedition Tours x 2.

Two Day and Race

Challenge Level for Cycle Canada Tours

Distances and Terrain

  • Leisurely Tours with average daily distances of 45 km to 81 km (28 mi. to 50 mi.)Terrain is not hilly.
  • Vacation Tours 84 km to 110 km (52 mi. to 8 mi.). Mostly gentle to rolling terrain, some trips have 1 or 2 days of climbing. .
  • Expedition Tours with average daily distances of 100 km to 117 km (62 mi. to 72 mi.). Terrain can be hilly and very challenging, sometimes in remote areas.
  • Cross Canada Tours. West-east average daily distances of 127km (79mi.); to high north 97 km (60 mi.). Terrain can be hilly and very challenging, sometimes in remote areas.

Accommodation Details

  • Indoor Accommodation. Motels, hotels, historic Inns and Bed and Breakfasts
  • Camping Accommodation. Serviced campgrounds with hot water showers, flush toilets and electricity
  • Camping Accommodation. A few unserviced campgrounds without hot water showers, in some cases no flush toilets and no electricity
  • Some indoor Accommodation. University summer hotels, hostel dorms, motels and hotels

Meal Details

  • Breakfast on riding days, snacks, one group dinner
  • x 2. Breakfast and and some lunches on riding days, snacks

Vehicle Support

  • On all tours there is a motor vehicle that carries rider gear and group equipment.