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Vacation Tours

  • Tour Length: Five or six days tours plus one eleven day vacation tour.
  • Accomodations: Indoors at motels, hotels and inns.
  • Range of Trip Distances: Range of Trip Distances: 465 km to 675 km (290 mi. to 415 mi.). Some trips have 1 or 2 days of climbing.
  • Range of Average Daily Distances: 84 km to 110 km (52 mi. to 68 mi.)
  • R 84 km to 110 km (52 mi. to 68 mi.).
  • Location: Tours in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Plus a three day weekend ride.

Vacation Tours Join us in 2018:

P'tit Train du Nord — Ottawa Loop via Mont Tremblant, Ontario & Québec
P'tit Train du Nord

The trip takes us from Canada's capital city to the heart of the Laurentian Mountains of Québec. It's a year-round recreational district with many amenities for visitors. 7 riding days and a rest day, total distance 6o5 km (375 mi), daily Average 86 km (53 mi).

Learn more about P'tit Train du Nord.

The By-Cycle Ride — Toronto to Ottawa for Canada's Birthday, Ontario
The By-Cycle Ride

Our ride to celebrate Canada's birthday. It's a rolling birthday party! We roll into Canada's capital city on July 1st. 5 riding days, total distance 500 km (310 mi.), daily average 100 km (62 mi.). Learn more about The By-Cycle Ride.

Learn more about The By-Cycle Ride.

The Great Spirit Ride — Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Manitoulin Island

A six day tour around Manitoulin Island. It's a counter-clockwise tour with a total distance by bike 350 km (215 mi) and two ferry trips.

Learn more about The Great Spirit Ride.

The BiQue Ride — Toronto to Montréal, Ontario & Québec
The BiQue Ride

The BiQue Ride is an annual bike tour from Toronto to Montréal. First held in 1995, in 2018 we celebrate our 24th annual ride. 6 riding days, 1 rest day, total distance by bike 655 km (405 mi.), daily average 110 km (68 mi.)

Learn more about The BiQue Ride.

Tour Vert — Montréal to Québec City, Québec
Tour Vert

On our tour we'll have a chance to explore two of Canada's most popular cities Montréal and Québec City and explore the Eastern Township region of the province of Québec. 5 riding days, total distance by bike 450 km (280 mi), daily average 90 km (56 mi.).

Learn more about Tour Vert.

Haida Gwaii — Vancouver to Queen Charlotte City, B.C.
Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is a series of islands at the western outer edge of northern British Columbia. Our ride departs from Vancouver and we travel north on Vancouver Island, take a ferry to Prince Rupert and then another ferry to Haida Gwaii. Total distance by bike 675 km (415 mi.), daily average Vancouver to Port Hardy 86 km (53 mi.), daily average, Prince Rupert to Queen Charlotte City 81 km (50 mi.)..

Learn more about Haida Gwaii.

Simcoe Circle — Loop around Lake Simcoe, Ontario
Simcoe Circle

The Simcoe Circle is a circumnavigation of Lake Simcoe, a three day trip that starts and ends in Bradford, Ontario just north of Toronto. Cyclists ride clockwise around Lake Simcoe, staying close to the shoreline wherever possible. Total distance by bike 290 km (180 mi.), daily average 58 km (36 mi.).

Learn more about Simcoe Circle.

More Tours

Leisurely Tours. .

Expedition Tours x 2.

Cross-Canada Tours x 2.

Two Day and Race

Challenge Level

Distances and Terrain

  • Leisurely Tours with average daily distances of 45 km to 81 km (28 mi. to 50 mi.)Terrain is not hilly.
  • Vacation Tours 84 km to 110 km (52 mi. to 8 mi.). Mostly gentle to rolling terrain, some trips have 1 or 2 days of climbing. .
  • Expedition Tours with average daily distances of 100 km to 117 km (62 mi. to 72 mi.). Terrain can be hilly and very challenging, sometimes in remote areas.
  • Cross Canada Tours. West-east average daily distances of 127km (79mi.); to high north 97 km (60 mi.). Terrain can be hilly and very challenging, sometimes in remote areas.

Accommodation Details

  • Indoor Accommodation. Motels, hotels, historic Inns and Bed and Breakfasts
  • Camping Accommodation. Serviced campgrounds with hot water showers, flush toilets and electricity
  • Camping Accommodation. A few unserviced campgrounds without hot water showers, in some cases no flush toilets and no electricity
  • Some indoor Accommodation. University summer hotels, hostel dorms, motels and hotels

Meal Details

  • Breakfast on riding days, snacks, one group dinner
  • x 2. Breakfast and and some lunches on riding days, snacks

Vehicle Support

  • On all tours there is a motor vehicle that carries rider gear and group equipment.