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Expedition Tours x 2.

  • Tour Length: One, Two weeks and more.
  • Accomodation: Accomodations are indoor except for Tour Arctic which is mainly camping with some nights with no services in remote locations.
  • Distances: Wide variety of conditions terrain Range of Trip Distances: 705 km to 1,350 km (435 mi. to 835 mi. Range of Average Daily Distances: 100 km to 117 km (62 mi. to 72 mi.)
  • Location: British Columbia, Alberta & Eastern Canada.

Learn about our Tours:

Cabot Trail — Sydney, Nova Scotia Loop, clockwise around the Cabot Trail.
Cabot Trail Loop

From Sydney Nova Scotia, we'll travel clockwise around Cape Breton's spectacular Cabot Trail. 6 riding days, 1 rest day, total distance 425 km (265 mi), daily average 71 km (44 mi)

Learn more about Cabot Trail.

Tour Arctic — Whitehorse to Inuvik, B.C., Yukon & N.W.T.
Tour Arctic

Tour Arctic starts in Whitehorse in 2017 and travels to Inuvik. Total days 13, riding days 12, 1 rest day 1, 2 ferry trips, total distance by bike 1310 km (810 mi.), daily average 109 km (67 mi.).

Learn more about Tour Arctic.

Tour Pacific — Vancouver to Calgary via the Icefields Parkway, B.C. & Alberta
Tour Pacific

Experience western Canada with its breathtaking views of mountains and glaciers. 13 riding days, 2 rest days. 1,350 km (835 mi.), daily average 104 km (64 mi.). Icefields Parkway is a segment option.

Learn more about Tour Pacific.

Tour Gaspe — Quebec City to Campbellton (and then train to Quebec City)
Tour Gaspe

Experience Quebec's spectacular Gaspe Penisula. Starting and ending Quebec City, we'll ride to Perce and along both shorelines of the Penninsula. 10 riding days rest days 3, total distance by bike 1000 km (620 mi.), daily average 100 km (62 mi.).

Learn more about Tour Gaspe.

More Tours

Leisurely Tours. .

Vacation Tours .

Cross-Canada Tours x 2.

Two day and Race

Challenge Level for Cycle Canada Tours

Distances and Terrain

  • Leisurely Tours with average daily distances of 45 km to 81 km (28 mi. to 50 mi.)Terrain is not hilly.
  • Vacation Tours 84 km to 110 km (52 mi. to 8 mi.). Mostly gentle to rolling terrain, some trips have 1 or 2 days of climbing. .
  • Expedition Tours with average daily distances of 100 km to 117 km (62 mi. to 72 mi.). Terrain can be hilly and very challenging, sometimes in remote areas.
  • Cross Canada Tours. West-east average daily distances of 127km (79mi.); to high north 97 km (60 mi.). Terrain can be hilly and very challenging, sometimes in remote areas.

Accommodation Details

  • Indoor Accommodation. Motels, hotels, historic Inns and Bed and Breakfasts
  • Camping Accommodation. Serviced campgrounds with hot water showers, flush toilets and electricity
  • Camping Accommodation. A few unserviced campgrounds without hot water showers, in some cases no flush toilets and no electricity
  • Some indoor Accommodation. University summer hotels, hostel dorms, motels and hotels

Meal Details

  • Breakfast on riding days, snacks, one group dinner
  • x 2. Breakfast and some lunches on riding days, snacks

Vehicle Support

  • On all tours there is a motor vehicle that carries rider gear and group equipment.