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Types of Cycle Canada Tours

Cycle Canada Tours with a Leisurely Pace

Leisurely Rides

Six day leisurely tours with average daily distances of 48 – 56km (30 – 35mi). Total distances 240 – 290km (150 – 180mi).

Leisure Tours

Cycle Canada Vacation Tours

Vacation Tours

Five to twelve day with daily distances of 84 – 110km (52 – 62mi). Total distances 335 – 670km (210 – 415mi.).

Vacation Tours

Cycle Canada Expeditions

Expeditions Rides

Two weeks and more with daily distances of 106 – 113km (66 – 70mi). Total distances 880 – 1385km (545 – 855mi)

Expedition Tours

Cycle Canada cross Canada rides

Across Canada

Five to Ten weeks with daily distances of 112-127km (69-79mi). Total distances 3,135 – 7,640 km (1,935 mi – 4,645 mi.)

Coast to Coast

Featured Tours

Tour Arctic: Explore the land that borders on the Arctic Ocean.

Tour Arctic is part of the Cycle Canada Series, supported expeditions designed to explore the diversity of the country and its people. Cyclists travel from Vancouver, British Columbia to Inuvik in Canada's far north. Learn more about this tour Tour Arctic.

Quick Summary — Tour Arctic

  • Dates: June 29 to August 1, 2016
  • Fee: $4550.00 Canadian per person plus HST
  • Number of Days: 33
  • Riding Days: 28
  • Total distance by bike 3135 km (1935 mi.)
  • Nights camping — 24 nights (some unserviced)
  • Nights indoor — 9 or 10 nights
  • 28 dinners and 28 breakfasts

Challenge Level:

Tour Arctic

New Event: The Great Spirit Ride

In 2016 Cycle Canada has introduced a new supported six day tour around Manitoulin island. Manitoulin is the largest island in the world surrounded by fresh water. Our trip begins in Tobermory, on the south side of Lake Huron. We take a ferry — the Chi-Cheemaun, Ojibwe for big canoe — to South Baymouth and from there ride a counter-clockwise tour around the island. Learn more about this tour The Great Spirit Ride.

Quick Summary — Manitoulin Great Spirit Ride

  • Dates: June 14 to June 19, 2016
  • Fee: $1050.00 Canadian per person plus HST
  • Number of Days: 5
  • Riding Days: 5
  • Total distance by bike 333km (207 mi)
  • Nights indoor — 5 nights
  • 5 breakfasts and 1 dinner

Challenge Level:

Manitoulin Island

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