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Is a Veloforce a Really Good Tailwind?

Well, we like to think so! Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation is a Canadian company that organizes cycling activities. Our operations are based out of Alliston, Ontario, just north of Toronto. We have been active since 1987 and the scope of our business includes the following:

Tour du Canada:

Providing administrative support for the non-profit national cycling organization, Tour du Canada. Tour du Canada was founded in 1987 by Bud Jorgensen. Bud is principal of Cycle Canada.

CycleCanada and Discover Your Routes Series:

Developing and conducting a full range of supported cycling tours throughout Canada, including - Tour TransCanada, The Crossing, the CycleCanada and Discover Your Routes Series.

Tour du Canada Time Trial

Staging the annual cycling race against the clock, the Tour du Canada Time Trial.

Velo Hospitality:

Operating the Velo Hospitality programme which recognizes, promotes and helps develop cycling friendly accommodation and services.

Cycle Canada Directory:

Maintaining a directory of cycling clubs, bike shops and advocacy groups across Canada. We also host web sites for clubs in Canada at no charge.

Custom Tours:

Designing and managing custom tours for groups.

Cycling Accesories:

Producing and selling a line cycling accesories under the marks Tour du Canada, CycleCanada and Discover Your Routes.

Terry Bikes

Distributing Terry Bikes in Canada.


Operating the websites, and

Discover Your Routes Press.

Currently DYR Press publishes a growing list of items, including the Cycle Canada Guide to Bicycle Touring and the Velo Hospitality Guide

For credits for photographs used on our Websites please visit: Photo Credits

We've been discovering Canada by bicycle since 1988

Bud Jorgensen is the principal of Cycle Canada

Bud is an avid recreational cyclist and advocate.

During the past four decades Bud has created a number of well known cycling events and has developed new routes that have become recognized as Canadian classics.

Bud Jorgensen

Founder of Classic Canadian events

He is the founder of the Toronto Bicycle Network's Pelee Wheelie, first held in 1986, and, the TBN's signature event Cyclon, first held in 1987. You can read about how Cyclon began here: Cyclon.

In 1987 Bud also founded Tour du Canada, an annual cross Canada bicycle ride with an international reputation. In 1995 he researched and laid the ground work for the first annual BiQue Ride, a one week ride from Toronto to Montreal. He continues to develop new routes and events based on his own research in various regions of Canada. To name a few - Acadian Coast in New Brunswick, the Cariboo Trail in British Columbia, Erie Shores, following the northern shore of Lake Erie and Tour of the Trent (Triple T), which follows the Trent Waterway system from Lake Huron to Lake Ontario. And most recently a new cross Canada ride, from south to north - Tour Arctic - where cyclists travel from Vancouver to Inuvik, N.W.T., crossing the Arctic Circle.

Recreational cycling and club involvement

Bud is Executive Director of Tour du Canada. He is a member of the Randonneurs Ontario. He rode the Tour du Canada in 1993 and Paris-Brest in 1991. He is a Director of CKAP, the Canadian Kilometre Acheivers Program. He was born and raised in British Columbia and now resides in Ontario. Prior to his full time involvement organizing cycling tours Bud was a columnist with Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper and the economics writer for the Financial Post.

About the photo on this web page

This is a shot of Bud on the final stretch of the Triple T in 1997. Breathing down his neck is Bill Lishman's famous dragon sculpture (you can catch a glimpse of it in the movie Fly Away Home). Years ago Bill had also created Autohenge. We knew the Triple T route passed close by and wanted to "pray" our respects. But we couldn't remember the exact location so we wrote to Bill.

This is Bill's reply: Sorry to say Autohenge no longer exists, the rusting cars began to sag and the farmer whose land it was on began to worry about liability particularly about teenagers who used to party there when the moon was full and their hormones raged, a sad commentary on our age of litigation - I have hopes some day of making son of autohenge it was a piece I enjoyed every day. If you can think of a way to raise about fifty thousand it could exist again. good riding, what a way to experience the country!

Good luck to Bill, until then we will keep pedalling the roads of this great land in search of mythical creatures and tributes to times gone by. Pictures of Autohenge can be found on Bill Lishman's web site: Bill Lishman Photography.

Newspaper and Magazine Articles about Cycle Canada

If you are interested in copies of these articles please contact us at:

  • Metroland Media Muskoka Region, Mandi Hargrave October 17, 2013 Life has one act, live it well : more . . .
  • Kingston Whig-Standard, September 12, 2013 Cross-county cycle a dream come true : more . . .
  • Canadian Cycling Magazine, June / July 2013 Tour du Canada's Lamb Couscous Stew: more . . .
  • She Knows, July 2012 Get Ready, Get Set, Bike! more . . .
  • The Link, September 2011 The Ride of Their Lives more . . .
  • Stonewall Argus, July 2010Out for a 7,700 km Ride more . . .
  • Le Gaboteur, September, 2010Tour du Canada à vélo: 72 jours et 7500 kilomètres de cheminement personnel more . . .
  • Canadian Geographic Rollin' along: Cross-Canada cyclotour operator Bud Jorgensen spins out his favourite cycling vacations: more . . .
  • L'Avante-Poste, Canoe De la grande visite à Saint-Damase.
  • The Valley Echo, Invermere, British Columbia. September 2007. Local Pedals Across Canada. So when Invermere resident Larry Meadows embarked on the Tour du Canada three months ago . . .
  • The Forest-Blade, Swainsboro, Georgia September 2007 Gary Couse in Canada. Forest-Blade readers may recall that back in June 2006 we promised the details of world-traveler Gary Couse's latest endeavors. Sixty-four-year old Couse of Swainsboro .
  • Cambridge Memorial Hospital Newsletter, October 2005 Dr. Russek Has Grand Time Touring Canada. Rich Russek is a general practitioner at Grandview Medical Centre with privileges at CMH and was one of 34 participants to cycle across Canada in the Tour du Canada, the longest annual . . .more
  • Beausejour Review July, 2003 Biking Ocean to Ocean, by Maryjane McLaren. We're all the same Coast to Coast. We just live on a big piece of property Michael Duann
  • The Globe and Mail August 7, 2002 Travel Links , by Domini Clark.Discover your routes' is the cute slogan of this Web site for two-wheel travellers, and it does a good job of summing the site up. puts cyclists in touch with nearly everything they need or need to know before hitting the road....
  • Australian Cyclist March/April 2002. Across Canada, by Craig Press. I was hooked from my first visit to the website. I could eat as much chocolate and bacon as I liked and was drawn to the idea of seeing the Canadian landscape, experiencing the country's many cultures and the camaraderie of ready-made captive friends.
  • NZ Bike (New Zealand) June 2000 Romancing the Bike, by Celia Hope.As I cycled up that last hill and then into St. John's Newfoundland, windblown and drenched to the skin, 7200 kilometres closer to New Zealand and 7200 kilometres further away, I remembered back to when the seed of the idea of cycilng across Canada was planted in my mind...
  • The Daily Graphic, Portage La Prairie July 21, 2000 Cross-Canada Cyclists Set up Camp in Portage La Prairie by Jason J. Halstead. The small flock of red-clad cyclists seen on the roads in and around Portage la Prarie over the last couple of days...
  • The Port Hope Evening Guide August 16, 1999 Not Quite the Lazy Days of Summer by Selena Forsythe. ...part of the deal is that they all take turns cooking meals. Lunch at Port Hope was an exception in that Tim and Celia Hope, our resident cyclists, organized it...
  • The Prince George Citizen 1998 King of the Road by Staff. For the last 22 years, Ray King has been riding his bike to work. Now, he's getting ready to work his way right across Canada
  • Pedal Magazine Tour du Canada, The Last Day by Mark Lewiecki. ...It was almost 10:00 p.m. when we debarked the ferry in Argentia, Newfoundland on Friday, August 29th...)
  • The Bulletin and The Progress Enterprise Chester, Nova Scotia, September 30, 1998. Chester Resident Completes Bicycle Trip Across Canada by Mark Roberts, Lighthouse staff. ...Twenty two cyclists made up of 10 women and 12 men from Austria, Switzerland, New York , California and Canada...
  • Crossfield/Irricana Rocky View/Five Village Weekly July 16, 1996 Tour du Canada Rides Again by Staff ...Thirteen tired cyclists pedalled into Beiseker last Monday after cycling some 200 km from Banff that day...
  • Daily Miner and News (Kenora) July 23, 1996 Because They Can by Clarise Klassen. Ken Meleskie, 66 cleans around the chain on his bicyle in preparation for the next leg of his trip across Canada...
  • Fort Frances Times July 28, 1994 Cross-country Cyclists Stop in Town by Anne Vis A group of cyclists travelling across Canada made a welcome stopover in town yesterday...
  • The Gazette, Montreal August 19, 1993 Repeating the Cycle by Marie-France Coallier A group of cyclists, part of the sixth annual Tour du Canada...
  • Le Nouvélliste Trois Rivière 14 août 1991 Un periple de 8000 kilomètres a travers le Canada à vélo. "Yannick Massicotte, 15 ans de Pointe-du-Lac, n'a pas tondu les pelouses de ses voisins cet été...
  • The Courier-Herald, Thornbury August 7, 1991 Clarksburg cyclist in 8,000 km Tour du Canada, by John Andrews. They survived kilometres of mountains, prairies, insects, bad drivers and flat tires and they still have thousands of kilometres to go...
  • The Toronto Star May 10, 1990 Mazzei Going for Ride of his Life by Sam Laskaris. A 26-year-old Willowdale resident is gearing for his best summer vacation yet...
  • The Mississauga News, October 25, 1989 Margo Went from Sea to Shining Sea, by Lisa Tallyn. There's no better way to see Canada than from the seat of a bicycle...
  • The Toronto Star October 1, 1988 Cyclist, 60, crosses Canada, by Stasia Evasuk. Pedal Power: Bob Unsworth spent July and August crossing Canada with 31 other cyclists...

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It's in Canada and a great day to go for a bike ride!

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