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Anyone can become a member of Tour du Canada, the club.

Membership Benefits:

  • Two year membership in the club
  • A copy of the Cycle Canada Guide
  • Information on participating in the Cross-Canada ride Tour du Canada
  • Instructions with drawings for 16 cycling stretches(before and after the ride) from Activetics
  • Access to a private membership discussion area, the Tour du Canada Network
  • A discount of 20% off of all in stock merchandise from the Cycle Canada Store.

Payment Methods

We accept VISA or Mastercard payments through this service, these will be processed in Canadian funds.

PDF Version

We also have a pdf form that you can complete and mail or scan to email: Membership Forms Pdf Version.

Le formule en pdf est disponible en français à la page: Formule d'adhĂ©sion

Please Note:

Membership is required to participate in the cross-Canada ride. Joining the Tour du Canada Network (discussion group) is required if you wish to participate in the Tour du Canada ride. This is the venue through which we transmit tour information about the ride, trip preparation etc.

If you wish also to participate in Tour du Canada the cross-Canada ride, in addition to your membership you must fill out a tour application form: Tour du Canada Application. Please note application forms are processed starting at the end of October in the year preceeding the tour. Filling out an application form does not guarantee a spot on the tour, but it is the beginning of the registration process.

Learn about the cross-Canada ride here: Tour du Canada

1 Membership Options

Do you wish to subscribe to the Tour du Canada Network from the above e-mail address?

Would you like to donate to the Tour du Canada Bursary Fund and help a young person participate in the cross-Canada ride?

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4Personal Information

I have read and agree with the terms of the Tour du Canada membership waiver of liability.

If paying by credit card please enter your credit card information here. If paying by cheque, interac or wire transfer please proceed to Step 6

authorize Cycle Canada, the Veloforce Corporation to charge the membership fee to my credit card as supplied in this form. For wire or interac payments I will proceed promptly with this payment through my bank.

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Please note by submitting this form your credit card will not be automatically charged. Please contact us within 24 hours if you change your mind about registering for one of our tours.